About the Project


We all are driven to be successful in our lives, but what if we could have fame, what would we want to be known for?  Or if we have achieved our goals, what are we famous for?

That is what this photography project is all about–giving a voice to people’s successes and dreams, and putting it out to the universe.  Making it known.

What we reveal may surprise others, and ourselves.  What do we see ourselves capable of, and when?

Kenneth Wajda is a professional fine art photographer and this project seeks to find out what people consider their best quality, passion, skill and success–what they consider themselves famous for.

If they are still working on becoming famous, then he asks what their projected date for fame is, which is noted with their quote.

“I am working currently in Boulder, Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado.  I will be taking the project across the country in future months.

“I also am available for private events to create portraits of the famous people there.

“So, what are you famous for?”

(When you are, I want to be your personal photographer!)  ~Kenneth Wajda

Kenneth Wajda, Famous Photographer (2020)